Meningitis – An Inflammation Of Membranes Covering Spinal Cord And Brain

It can be critical due to the proximity of the inflammation to the spinal cord and brain. If it is not treated promptly, meningitis may bring about grave lasting consequences like epilepsy, deafness, cognitive deficits and hydrocephalus. Immunization may prevent some types of meningitis. The meningitis type and the cause can be ascertained by a […]

Meningitis And Symptoms Of Meningitis

The disease caused by virus and bacteria inflates the membrane which protects the soft tissues of the brain.  It is a case of medical emergency for meningitis patients as the infection caused by the bacteria or the virus may directly affect the spinal cord or the brain. The disease may lead to permanent disability or […]

Measles: All You Need To Know

Measles virus come from paramyxovirus family and grows faster in cells which are at the backside of throat and lungs. This disease is limited till humans and animals cannot be its victims. Measles alone is responsible for the death of over 200 million all over the globe in past 150 years. Even today in this […]